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For those in the shipping industry, data is key. Your customers depend on you knowing where their shipment is now and where it will be a day from now. All this information can be extremely hard to keep track of, especially when it has to come from a distance and by multiple methods. This is where the custom trucking dispatch software from Titanwinds becomes central.

The goal of TMS software for carriers is to gather all your key information in one place so that you can make the informed decisions necessary to keep your business on the road to growth.

As a carrier, you manage a fleet of trucks and drivers – which means not only are you responsible for shipments but for making sure those shipments are transported according to regulations. It’s quite a load to carry – but Titanwinds custom trucking dispatch software is designed to help you manage your systems your way.

It all starts with dispatch
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Full-Featured, Affordable Trucking Software for Carriers

Straightforward Dispatching

Before you send your people out on the road, you want to know that they are headed in the right direction. Wasting time in traffic or trying to make it through inclement weather when you don’t have to can not only be a costly mistake, it can put your drivers at risk. Titanwinds uses Google Maps technology to empower you to choose the most strategic routes possible. We have route optimization algorithms built-in, so you can make your decisions quickly.

When your drivers are out there, Titanwinds custom trucking dispatch software allows you to maintain open lines of communication all through one platform. Whether via text, email, or mobile app, your drivers will be in touch almost anywhere they are.

But you don’t have to rely on their follow-through in using the software – our custom trucking dispatch software can automatically track the location of shipments using a variety of different data points. Through our ELD (electronic logging device) partners, you are even able to track the exact status of your drivers to ensure that they stay compliant with regulations.

Our asset tracking devices integrate seamlessly into Titanwinds TMS software for carriers so you can monitor driver movements, vehicle conditions – even the temperature of a reefer unit.

Information Management for Carriers

We know that a big part of keeping track of your shipments is keeping track of your paperwork. Titanwinds TMS software for carriers is a virtual filing cabinet for everything from corporate records to daily receipts. We integrate with sign-on glass technologies so that your records of delivery are conveniently and automatically stored.

You can ditch the spreadsheets – Titanwinds TMS keeps track of driver and equipment compliance records. License or medical card expiring soon? The system will send you reminders so you can stay on top of it and avoid the headache of overdue credentials.

But the information isn’t just for you – your customers can login through a secure online portal to view the status of the shipments themselves, based on the data collected by our trucking software. This has the potential to save you time and money as you focus less on emails and more on putting your resources where they need to be.

Accounting for Trucking Businesses

Titanwinds trucking software for carriers provides a streamlined – and in many cases automated – way to

  • Send and receive payments
  • Manage receipts
  • Provide quotes
  • Convert quotes to active loads
  • Integrate into your accounting software
  • Monitor fuel card funds
  • Deal with driver settlements, loans, escrow, and deductions

By reducing the labor time spent on managing your accounting back office, you lower your overhead costs and give a major boost to your workflow. All of this helps your bottom line.

Reports to Monitor the Health of Your Freight Business

Dispatch software is incomplete if all it does is gather data. The end goal is always to give you the power to analyze the information you gather so that you can make decisions to better manage your company and grow.

Our reporting module makes it easy to see how you’re doing on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to you. Look at your profits and expenditures and see where the money is going. Analyze the status of your drivers and equipment.

Spot anything that’s being under- or over-utilized so you can adjust your
strategies in real-time

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Trucking Dispatch Software Customized to You

The thing that sets Titanwinds above the rest is our commitment to customization. We know that adopting a transportation management system is an investment on your end, so we invest in getting to know your systems and in making our software to fit. That way you are not remaking your systems after ours; we are remaking our program after the way you do business.

What this means is that our trucking software is made-to-order. It’s not about adding modules – it’s about reworking our software from the ground up if we need to, particularly at the Enterprise level. If you need specific 3rd party software integrations – we can do that. If you want to have access in the TMS interface to any of the various load boards out there – we can do that. If you want your quote system to be automated so prospective customers can get an idea of what you will charge before they call you – we can do that. If you do a lot of business using your mobile devices and want Titanwinds to work a certain way because of how your devices work – we can do that.

With Titanwinds TMS, there are very few limits to what we are able to do to make your software fit you.

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Scalable Trucking Management Software for All Carriers

TMS for Small Carriers

If you are a startup or an established freight carrier managing anywhere from 1-100 trucks, our Entrepreneur plan is most likely to give you the tools you need to grow your fleet.

At the Entrepreneur level, you get all the awesome standard features of the Titanwinds TMS for one monthly price per user, including:

  • Load planning
  • Truck dispatching
  • Driver tracking functionality
  • Driver and equipment compliance tracking
  • Contact directory
  • Virtual filing cabinet for all your documents
  • Accounting tools
  • Reporting module

As we help to make sure that our custom trucking dispatch software is smoothly and easily integrated into the way you operate, our Entrepreneur clients are those who find that this is exactly what they need for where their business is at.

TMS Software for Large Carriers

The Titanwinds TMS is not just for smaller carriers – we scale to grow as you do. With our Enterprise level package designed to meet the needs of shippers managing over 100 trucks, we are able to offer our fullest level of customization and support, while still offering incredibly competitive pricing. Contact us to learn more.

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