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Titanwinds TMS Software
Custom Transportation Management System Software

What Is A Transportation Management System (TMS)?

Essentially, TMS software provides an integrated platform for those working in the transportation industry to

    real-time logistics data regarding freight, personnel, and equipment
    data in meaningful ways to make strategic decisions for their business


Our TMS software offers a complete and customizable transportation management system software unlike anything else you will find.

Titanwinds TMS Packages

Whether you are a small or medium transportation company looking for a better way to make sure your customers stay happy or a large broker/carrier trying to maximize efficiency and stay on top of the competition, Titanwinds custom transportation management system software is the tool you need to get the job done.

At all levels, we provide an excellent TMS software solution which makes it easy to gather and analyze relevant data concerning your trucking operation.

Our trucking software scales to meet the needs of our varied customers, which is why we offer various different pricing options. The main difference between these levels is the degree of customization and support we are able to provide. The bigger the operation, the more work will be needed to create a solution fitted to your company’s way of doing business. For our Entrepreneur level clients, we are able to develop custom reports and integrations. For businesses who need more, we offer the Enterprise package which also includes building custom features from scratch, transforming our custom trucking software into the system you need to do your work just like you already do, but better.

The way for us to determine which solution is best for your situation is to
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Entrepreneur Package: Small Fleet TMS Software

A Transportation Management Software Solution for Small to Medium-Sized Trucking Companies

A Transportation Management System for 1-100 Truck Operations

The larger a fleet is, the more essential it is to have a simple, reliable, and custom-built transportation management system software. Every added piece of equipment, every added driver, and every added staff member required to manage it all makes it more and more difficult just to keep up, much less ensure that the whole operation is running efficiently so that you are able to turn a healthy profit and lock in the long-term success of your business.

Our Entrepreneur customers realize the struggle to not only manage their fleet but to manage it efficiently in order to develop a trajectory of growth. Titanwinds TMS software is designed to be the affordable tool that makes this possible. Our solution for trucking Entrepreneurs provides

  • Dispatch tools to send out, track, and communicate with your team and your equipment
  • Information management to be a virtual filing cabinet for all the relevant information related to your business
  • Accounting features which allow you to track each penny that goes into and out of your accounts
  • Custom reporting so you can quickly see what is going on in your operation and make informed decisions
  • Integrations with the 3rd party software you use

Each of these operations is packed with rich features that can streamline and revolutionize the way you do business.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Trucking Software for Brokers, Carriers, and Broker/Carriers

While many of the features required from a TMS by brokers and carriers are the same, there are some differences. Regardless of your role in the trucking industry, we think you will find that the prices for our TMS software are highly competitive and affordable. After all, we want your business to make money through Titanwinds! Contact us for information on how we create freight broker software and trucking dispatch software to serve freight businesses of all kinds.

Cloud-Based TMS Software

Each instance of our Titanwinds transportation management system software for Entrepreneurs runs in the cloud. This means

  • You can access your TMS anywhere you have the internet
  • You can rest assured that your information will be accessible 24/7
  • You don’t need to pay for a server
  • You don’t need an IT department to run your server

Operating in the cloud is simple, accessible, and ensures the
safety of your data

Enterprise Package: Large Fleet TMS Software

Transportation Management System for Large Fleets

TMS Software for 100+ Truck Operations

Managing freight operations enters into a whole new realm of difficulty at the Enterprise level. But since Titanwinds is a fully scalable custom trucking software, it provides the same simple, easy-to-use, customized solution for all trucking companies – no matter how large.

Our Enterprise custom transportation management system software for carriers, brokers, and broker/carriers is
designed to your specifications
and can be either hosted on your servers or securely in the cloud.

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Titanwinds’ Fully Customized Transportation Management System Software

To operate effectively and ensure that the adoption of your new custom transportation management system software is smooth, you need software that is designed for the way you already work. Your TMS should mold to you, not the other way around.

Our commitment to customizing our software for the needs of our customers at the Enterprise level is really what sets us apart in the TMS software industry. Nowhere else will you find a company willing to go to such lengths to make sure that what you pay for is exactly what you need – meanwhile, our costs are highly competitive and far less than you would expect from such individually-tailored service. Our Enterprise clients get to see this emphasis on customization unlike any other.

The software that our Enterprise customers purchase – unlike that for our Entrepreneur level clients – is purchased outright, not paid for on a monthly basis. This gives you more control over your trucking software.

We don’t sell you an out-of-the-box solution with a few training videos and let you go for it. We get to know your needs and change our program from the code level to make sure that your software fits you. We integrate with the systems and programs you currently use and make them do more for your operations. Then we help with onboarding and continued modification so that our system is your system – but better, smoother, more automatic.

Check out our features to learn all about what Titanwinds TMS can do for your business. When you’re done there, try a free demo and contact us so we can come up with a plan for how to give you the custom transportation management system software you need.

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TMS Software Built for You
Titanwinds Overview

Complete, Automated Back Office Software Solution for the Transportation Industry

Built to streamline your day-to-day operations, Titanwinds custom transportation management system software virtually eliminates paperwork and time-wasting administrative tasks from your trucking business. Titanwinds makes running your operation less stressful and results in real reduced costs as you spend fewer man-hours handling tasks that can now be fully automated.

Streamlined Workflow Management

The goal of transportation management software is huge: to centralize and analyze data for your entire fleet. The job of someone who manages a fleet is likewise huge. It can easily happen that you don’t know what to do next or where to go to get what you need, especially for people new to fleet management. Titanwinds TMS changes that by putting data for:

screenshot of the tms load history view

…all in one place, and allowing users to easily view what’s going on through customized reports. Because we pride ourselves on the customization we provide all of these essential functions of a TMS are structured according to your processes and needs in such a way that the answers to “What do I do next?” and “Where do I get that information?” are clear. With Titanwinds, your personal workflow is streamlined, giving you more time to think strategically and manage your people and equipment like you need to in order to compete effectively.

But it doesn’t stop with those who manage – Titanwinds TMS integrates with all kinds of mobile devices and trackers to allow your drivers/carriers to easily provide you with all the information you need. We also provide a customer portal to allow those who ship with you to access their information without going through you.

If you have multiple people managing your fleet operations, Titanwinds TMS software allows you to control user permissions so that your people don’t get into something they’re not supposed to.

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screen shot of titanwinds tms software's dispatch screen

Simple, Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface

Titanwinds is the one software you need to collect and manage everything there is to know about your shipments. All of this information and data could be overwhelming, but not with Titanwinds’ intuitive interface. We put the most relevant data front and center on your customized dashboard and quick access module. Everything else is easy to find.

Cloud or Hosted Web-Based TMS Software

Our trucking software is always web-based, which means anyone who needs to can access it anytime, anywhere, from mobile or desktop devices through our login portal.

We offer both a cloud-based and hosted version of our trucking software. Typically, smaller operations will go with the cloud-based solution for ease of setup, while larger operations will prefer to have more control over customization and access through hosting Titanwinds on their own in-house servers or a cloud-based server through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are happy to help you get started with whatever option you choose.

Transportation Management for Brokers and Carriers

While there is much overlap between the jobs of freight broker and freight carrier when it comes to their TMS needs, there is also some difference. We offer different versions of the Titanwinds TMS for those seeking specifically freight broker software or trucking dispatch software. Of course, both versions are customizable and scalable to the size of your operation and the way you do business.

screenshot of the transportation management system software's equipment availability screen

Fleet Management Software Solution for Trucking Businesses of All Sizes

Custom transportation management system software can be incredibly beneficial for businesses of all sizes – allowing you to stay competitive and grow your operations by strategically adapting to real-time data. While prices, features, and support vary depending on the options you choose, everyone from the smallest of operations to the largest gets access to the same sleek and efficient Titanwinds TMS. Try it today to begin exploring how it might revolutionize the way you do business.

Trucking Software Built to Order

None of the TMS software packages on the market today share Titanwinds’ commitment to complete customization. We work with each of our Enterprise clients to completely adapt our software to integrate into your existing systems and procedures. Learning from you how your systems currently operate (or how you would like them to operate), our software developers then go to work to make sure that our transportation management system software is exactly what you need it to be. We learn about your

  • Fleet/carriers
  • Staff
  • Procedures
  • Policy
  • ELD
  • Asset tracking
  • Third-party software you use

and integrate it all as seamlessly into a single TMS software. We are not talking about adding pre-defined modules like many TMS companies do, but building from the ground up. This is anything but a pre-packaged solution.

We also work closely with your company to ensure that the switch to tracking your logistics through the Titanwinds platform is a smooth one. This takes the burden off of you to learn (and teach) new ways of doing things before you see the benefits of Titanwinds’ TMS.

A Complete Transportation Management System Software Package at a Reasonable Price

With all of these features – and especially considering how we work so closely to meet your custom needs – Titanwinds is still one of the best-priced TMS solutions on the market. Buying software as important as a TMS is an important decision, which means you should check out all the different options you can – but make us one of them. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and what we can do to help you get your fleet moving smoothly, efficiently, and easily. We can also set you up with a free, no-obligation trial version of the Titanwinds custom trucking software so that you can see what it’s like before spending a dollar.

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Dispatch Software

Leverage Data to Effectively Manage Your Shipping Team

The power of data is the ability to make informed decisions about your fleet’s behavior, practices, and scheduling. Everything from fleet management, safety for drivers, and conditions monitoring are available through our streamlined platform. Titanwinds dispatch features empower carriers and brokers to

screenshot of the TMS kpi view

  • See the entirety of your fleet including location, status, shift, and cycle
  • Access critical information about individual drivers to see who’s excelling and who needs guidance
  • Track information that matters for the safety of your people, from harsh braking and excessive acceleration to swerving and aggressive cornering
  • Use your fleet to its maximum potential by optimizing routes
  • See and manage the status of your shipments in real-time
  • Monitor distance traveled, active engine hours, engine and reefer temperature, idle time, and more
  • See hours of service (HOS) information for each driver and receive instant notification when drivers are approaching a shift limit or violation
  • Browse current and past information to compare driver performance and suggest data-backed changes

Flexible Trucking Dispatch Software Makes Communication with Drivers Easy

Screenshot of the tms driver communication screen

With Titanwinds, communication with drivers and customers is integrated into the platform. No need for software outside our easy-to-use TMS. We help you stay in touch with your drivers no matter the medium: SMS (text), email, or our custom-built app. You can track driver status using our automated features, as well, receiving updates for what you need to know.

The benefits aren’t limited to you – Titanwinds custom transportation management system software provides a portal for your customers to login and track their shipments. Being able to automatically distribute this information not only will save you time, but will boost your image of professionalism.

Use Titanwinds’ GPS Tracking to Monitor Your Shipments

Our TMS software shows at a glance the location of each member of your fleet with live GPS data. No more wondering where your shipments are or why they’re not where they’re supposed to be. In addition to the information we gather from your driver and their vehicle, we use Google’s traffic data to show conditions on your driver’s route. You can know what’s going on – perhaps even better than they do. This allows you to make birds’ eye decisions to increase the efficiency of your operations.

From real-time tracking and truck locations to speed, direction, and fuel data, you’ll receive all of the vital information you need as well as the ability to hone in on specific locations and drivers to get a closer look. All this is presented through a simple and user-friendly interface that makes the data helpful, not overwhelming.

Titanwinds Trucking Software Integrates Fully with Our ELD Partners

Managing your electronic logging devices (ELDs) should be simple, streamlined, and feature-rich. Titanwinds brings it all to your trucking operation, as your devices work seamlessly with the Titanwinds TMS. Working with our industry partners to provide the hardware, Titanwinds TMS software is the solution to your electronic logging device data tracking needs. As with almost everything we produce – this aspect of our trucking software is totally customizable to meet your needs, along with being fully compliant with all US Federal and State regulations, as well as Canadian DOT rulings. For our international Enterprise customers, we can build an ELD platform to meet the demands of your country’s transportation regulations.

Interacting with your ELD should be easy and fast for drivers. Titanwinds TMS software makes the process as straightforward as possible. No more frustrating and confusing interfaces – the Titanwinds ELD interface is built for simple navigation and controls.

  • Instantly provide inspection documentation for DOT inspections and other compliance requirements
  • Give your drivers the power to instantly and easily manage status and tracking for co-driver teams

We put your people in the driver’s seat with no-nonsense viewing and tracking of shifts, cycles, and on-duty status. We are committed to making sure your ELD meets your needs, including integration with any 3rd party applications you still want to use at either the Entrepreneur or Enterprise software levels.

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Information Management

Trucking Software to Manage Your People

Starting well before a driver enters the cab of their truck, Titanwinds gives you the information you need to manage your people – from onboarding to daily contact.

With the Titanwinds TMS recruiting platform, you are able to receive job applications, process background checks, and store all the information needed for new drivers. We can also help you with the onboarding process for employees of all types – collecting information, ensuring training and licensure is up-to-date – whatever it is that you need from your people.

Keeping track of contact information isn’t limited just to drivers, either – with an active directory integrated into Titanwinds TMS, you can manage the contact information of every person who interacts with your trucking business. No need to look anywhere else for your electronic address book solution.

Trucking Software to Manage Your Equipment

Managing your fleet isn’t easy. Your people and assets experience a range of risks on the road, which is why you need a robust, powerful fleet management solution that provides all the data you need in an easy-to-use interface.

Our asset tracking platform – built into Titanwinds trucking software or as a stand-alone package – is enabled with smart sensors and gives you the power to see the big picture and the small, from overall fleet data to detailed information about individual vehicles.

Easy to use, powered by Google Maps, and packaged with our industry-leading hardware solutions, we provide an advanced fleet management and asset tracking platform for trucking businesses large and small.

  • Full-Featured Asset Management
    Access a full suite of features to give you the control over your fleet that you need – from locations of each vehicle in your fleet to details on individual driver and equipment activity
  • Monitor Your Equipment Status
    Track engine usage for powered assets, heavy equipment, and machinery. Remotely monitor and track the temperature and location of reefer units, and more.

Our fleet management software and tracking units can also be purchased separately from the rest of our
TMS software
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Screenshot of the address book view

Trucking Software to Manage Your Documentation

Never lose documentation again. Receive all your documents electronically – whether it’s the order from your customer or the bill of lading (BOL) from your driver. By having the option to accept or reject any document, you stay in control. With BOL and point of delivery (POD) integration, Titanwinds ensures that your shipments make it where they need to be – and if they don’t, you have all the records you need to track them down so you can get paid.

Never run afoul of DOT requirements again. With reminders for maintenance and expired documents coming your way courtesy of Titanwinds TMS software, staying on top of legal requirements does not have to be challenging. Receive notifications with plenty of time left before licenses, medical cards, or vehicle preventative maintenance expires.

Never lose an accounting document again. All your documents are kept in one fully searchable place in the TMS, from quotes and invoices to daily receipts.

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Accounting for Trucking Businesses

You are looking for a custom transportation management system software that provides a great return on investment – Titanwinds TMS software delivers. By managing your fleet more efficiently, you can maximize productivity and reduce unnecessary waste and costs—boosting your bottom line.

Screenshot of the driver settlement screen

  • Quotes
    Efficiently provide quotes to customers looking to ship with you and convert accepted bids quickly and easily to active loads for scheduling
  • Invoicing
    Everything you need to make sure you get paid is all in one spot with Titanwinds TMS software. To reduce your workload, different stages of the invoicing process can even be automated depending on your processes
  • Driver Finances
    Whether you hire company drivers, owner-operators, or contract carriers, settling loads and paying your drivers has never been easier. Keep track of driver loans from equipment purchases to payday advances. Our trucking accounting software gives you the tools you need to keep track of everything: driver settlements, loans, escrow, deductions, and fuel cards. Daily fuel transactions will automatically import into your driver settlements with transaction details, a record of which is then made in your accounting software with no effort on your part

For more details about our
custom TMS software solution

Automated Reporting

The ultimate goal of any good trucking software like Titanwinds is not the collection of data but the ability to empower users to employ data to make wise choices about their trucking business. Through Titanwinds’ custom reporting features available for clients at any level, easy-to-understand information is always at your fingertips. You have the power to quickly analyze everything that might be relevant to you:

Titanwinds TMS software offers automated and customizable reporting

  • Equipment utilization
  • Driver utilization
  • Invoices
  • Sales
  • Driver records
  • Equipment records
  • Profits
  • Expenses
  • Productivity

Honestly, anything you want can be on that list, because the best thing about Titanwinds TMS software is the length we go to in order to customize the program to the needs of our clients.

No matter the data you need to operate your business, we can create the ability for you to gather and present it in an easy-to-digest format.

No matter the KPIs (key performance indicators) you use, Titanwinds can help keep them in front of you so that you can quickly understand the health of your company and make changes at the optimal time.

Choosing a trucking software solution is not an easy task. There are so many options on the market all promising similar features. We trust, however, that you will find Titanwinds TMS software not only delivers those features in the cleanest, easiest way for you and your people, but we are the only custom transportation management system software option that won’t force you to change how your company works in order to adopt our solution. Our commitment to work with you to learn your systems and integrate into them is unparalleled. And we think you will be impressed by our value for money, too.

Give us the chance to show you how we can help.

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Titanwinds TMS Software Pricing


    Small-medium sized companies

    $135 per user each month

    Custom reports and integrations available. This package tends to be more cost-effective for companies running less than 100 trucks. For companies operating larger fleets or who require extensive customization and onboarding, our Enterprise level is likely the better option.


    Large operations
    Hosted on-site or through AWS

    Contact for Pricing

    Enterprise clients purchase a license to use our software as their own. Complete customization – including custom coding and features unique to your company – and onboarding included.



    with purchased devices

Frequently Asked Questions about Titanwinds TMS Software

  • What is the main objective of a TMS?
    TMS software is designed to make it easier to manage the copious amounts of data that come with the activities and interconnections of all the aspects of a freight operation. This should include employees, accounting, equipment tracking, and load dispatch. A good TMS will allows users to see the status of these things quickly and intuitively.
  • Who uses TMS software? Why do I need a TMS?
    Many trucking industry professionals use a transportation management system to improve their efficiency and keep better track of resources. Both brokers and carriers can benefit, as can large and small operations – though the larger the operation, the more benefits you’ll see. Chances are, if you’re viewing this website you already understand that homemade systems for tracking people and loads just don’t cut it at some point. TMS software like Titanwinds is invaluable in giving you the power to take your operation to the next level.
  • What should I look for in transportation management system software?
    There are several factors we believe are essential, and which have driven the way we’ve constructed Titanwinds TMS software. First, find a TMS that doesn’t require you to rewrite your procedure manual, but instead fits into the processes that you’ve already created to get to where you’re at. That’s why we place such a high emphasis on customizability. You’re not limited to a strict list of features. Second, get a TMS which is elegant and intuitive – a real pleasure for you to use. You’re going to be looking at those screens a lot! Third, go with a solution which is backed by a company that will back you. Your TMS company should provide options for onboarding and continued responsive support well after the initial purchase. Finally, look for a TMS that has options and levels so your system can grow with you.
  • How much does Titanwinds TMS cost?
    Check out our pricing information and contact us when you’re ready to learn more.
  • Will adopting Titanwinds mean that I need to change all my procedures?
    No – we pride ourselves on our ability to customize your Titanwinds TMS to meet the way you do business, not the other way around.
  • How do I implement Titanwinds TMS software in my trucking business?
    With our help! We provide assistance with onboarding. Let us help you develop a plan to make the transition easy.
  • Is Titanwinds for carriers or brokers?
    Both! Titanwinds is the complete package, and can be tuned to work better for your unique operation as a broker, carrier, or broker/carrier.

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