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Custom Fleet Management Software

Titanwinds Fleet Management Software is a Real-Time Asset Management System for Trucking Professionals

Managing the details of your fleet and freight is a common sore point for many in the trucking industry – there is a lot to keep track of, after all. It is easy to feel as if you are out of control, which is of course not a fun place to be. Being in the dark doesn’t have to be normal – the solution is Titanwinds custom fleet management software which gives you an easy-to-access way to see what’s going on with your operation in real-time.

From tracking the behavior of individual drivers to seeing the big picture in managing fleet locations and schedules, Titanwinds custom fleet management software is built to put you in control.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

  • Be in the Know
    Information is key to the successful management of any trucking enterprise. Titanwinds custom fleet management software puts data at your fingertips whether at the desk or on the go. Monitor overall fleet location, driving hours, even freight temperature with our on-board sensors and GPS hardware.
  • Manage Fleet Risks
    Through managing the status of your fleet you reduce the risk of loads being spoiled, drivers engaging in risky driving behaviors, or equipment entering into dangerous situations. Our asset management tools even allow you to use geofencing to ensure that your equipment stays where it’s supposed to be and to track down equipment that has been stolen or otherwise strayed from its proper place.
  • Reduce Operating Costs
    By managing your fleet efficiently, you maximize productivity and reduce unnecessary waste – boosting your bottom line

With Titanwinds asset management software for the trucking industry, all of this comes in a package customized to you. We build our software specifically for each of our clients and the way they do business – and we are not just talking about add-on modules here. At the Enterprise level, we even write custom code and develop new features for our clients depending on what you need.

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Use Geofencing to Ensure Your Fleet is Where it Should Be

Geofencing means you have the ability to create virtual geographic boundaries that enable our custom fleet management software in conjunction with onboard GPS units to trigger an automated alert when your equipment goes somewhere it shouldn’t.

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Collect Key Data through Titanwinds’ Fleet Management Software

Titanwinds fleet management gives you the power to track details like

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Active engine hours
  • Control module data
  • Temperature information
  • Idling time

for a customizable and complete report of current and past data. All of this information and data could be overwhelming, but not with Titanwinds’ intuitive interface. We work with you to develop your instance of our asset management software to ensure that the data which is most relevant and important to you is front and center.

Driver Accountability

Access information about individual drivers to see their status and provide accountability to the safety standards of your organization. No need for “How’s My Driving?” stickers on your vehicles! Track harsh braking, fast accelerating, swerves, and sharp turns to ensure that you keep your fleet safe. Titanwands fleet tracking system is fully compliant with all DOT regulations and federal & state laws.

Freight Status

Remotely monitor and track the temperature, location, and operating time of reefer units and more. Receive real-time email and SMS alerts as temperature deviations occur, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Fleet Maintenance Management

A big drain on the resources of any trucking enterprise is repairs – especially repairs resulting from issues that occur on the side of the road which delay shipments and require roadside maintenance or a tow. Reduce the need for emergency repairs by staying on top of regular maintenance needs. Our asset management software keeps track of the maintenance schedules of your trucks, trailers, and other equipment to help make sure you don’t go overdue.

Do you operate a fleet of heavy machines or rental vehicles rather than a shipping company? Titanwinds‘ customized approach to fleet management software is here for you, too. Track engine usage for powered assets, heavy equipment, and machinery. Bill your customers based on actual engine run time and manage long-term rentals with regular location tracking. Whatever your fleet is composed of, whatever it is that you want to track, our software makes it intuitively easy to stay on top of all the details of your fleet.

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GPS Asset Tracking for Trucking Companies

With the combination of industry-leading hardware and software, we provide trucking companies with an advanced fleet management and asset tracking platform. Easy for you to navigate, Titanwinds custom fleet management software provides you with real-time visibility and operational control of your fleet activity.

Asset Tracking Software

Our software is integrated with data from Google maps to show the location of your assets in real-time in a simple and streamlined interface which makes finding the information that matters to you second nature.

Asset Tracking Hardware

Titanwinds doesn’t just do asset management software. We supply our clients with industry-leading hardware solutions to provide the raw data you need to make informed decisions about your fleet. Our sensors integrate with your vehicles to gather location, speed, fuel status, temperature, acceleration data, and more.

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Fleet Management Software Purchased Stand-Alone or Together with the Titanwinds TMS

Titanwinds fleet management software is available on its own or as part of our larger transportation management system software, which provides additional features such as

  • Reporting to analyze the efficiency of your operations
  • Accounting functionality to send and receive invoices and pay your people
  • Information management so you never lose an important document
  • Dispatch to optimize the routes traveled by your trucks and provide even more options for communication with your people on the ground

Whichever option you choose, you can view our prices here to get a general idea of costs. You will find that our pricing is extremely competitive in the industry, especially factoring in the lengths we go to in customizing your fleet management solution to your already-existing procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Titanwinds’ Fleet Management Software

  • Can I purchase Titanwinds’ asset management software separate from the Titanwinds TMS software?
    Yes, our fleet management software can either be separate from or included with our full transportation management system. Check out our transportation management system information to learn more about our complete and customizable trucking software.
  • Can I purchase Titanwinds fleet management software without purchasing your tracking hardware?
    Our software and hardware are specifically chosen to work seamlessly together. However, if you already have tracking hardware purchased and perhaps have been using it with another software, let us know and we will explore if and how we can work with what you already have. However, please know that additional costs may be involved in taking this route.
  • How much does fleet management software from Titanwinds cost?
    Prices vary on whether you are buying the program or using it as SaaS, and other factors such as the degree of customization and depth of onboarding your company needs. The best way to determine cost is to talk to us directly by following the links on this page.
  • Does Titanwinds scale well to work with large and small freight companies?
    Absolutely. Our fleet management software can work with companies from one to one thousand trucks and more. Our commitment to customization and helping you create the automated workflow that works for you ensures that no matter the size of your trucking operation, Titanwinds can help.
  • Is Titanwinds easy to use?
    We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our trucking software is designed in a no-nonsense way that will be easy to use for anyone. So yes, we’d like to think so. And if any of our clients disagree, we make every effort to work together to make something that will make sense for them.
  • How does Titanwinds fleet management software adjust to work with my business’ operations?
    We have a commitment to customization that is unique in the trucking software industry. Our promise is to create software that is molded to your company and the way you do business. While we always seek to provide a custom experience for our customers, we are able to unlock full customization options with our Enterprise packages designed especially for trucking companies with fleets larger than 100 trucks.
  • Is Titanwinds asset management software only for freight companies?
    Not at all. Whether you haul rock, oil, people, or freight for 1000 miles or 1000 feet, our custom fleet management software adapts to give you the system that you need to keep track of your people, your equipment, and your loads.

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