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Powerful Software to automate your trucking business

Built from the ground up to streamline your day-to-day operations, TitanWinds virtually eliminates paperwork and time-wasting administrative tasks from your business with a powerful and simple-to-use TMS software. Not only does TitanWinds make running your operation less stressful, but it also results in real reduced costs and increased net profits as you spend fewer man-hours handling tasks that can now be fully automated and integrated into your existing systems.

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  • Everything You Need for Fleet Management

    The power of data is the ability to make informed decisions about your fleet’s behavior, practices, and scheduling. Titanwinds gives you the power to track distance, active engine hours, ECM data, temperature information, and even idling time for a customizable and complete report of current and past data.

  • GPS Tracking & More

    Our customized, cloud-based solution includes a simple and user-friendly interface. From real-time tracking and truck locations to speed, direction, and fuel data, you’ll receive all of the vital information you need as well as the ability to hone in on specific locations and drivers to get a closer look.

  • The Power of Efficiency

    All of this information and data could be overwhelming, but not with Titanwinds’ intuitive interface. We make sure that the most relevant, important data is always front and center.

  • Avoid Security Risks

    Your fleet experiences a range of risks on the road, from dangerous driver behavior to theft. Avoid them all with our expansive security and safety tracking features, including boundary notifications when drivers leave custom geo-fenced safety areas.

  • Know Your Drivers

    Don’t just see your whole fleet—access critical and detailed information about individual drivers to see who’s excelling and who needs extra guidance. Track harsh braking, fast accelerating, swerves, and sharp turns to ensure that you keep your fleet safe.

  • Stay Compliant

    Titanwands fleet tracking system is fully compliant with all DOT regulations and federal & state laws. It’s always fully integrated into our ELD system.



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